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Mar 03, 2019 12:25:52

The 9 of Hearts

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Julia Saxena

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Do you ever see something weird or peculiar and wonder what's the story behind it? I certainly do!

Today, I saw a car parked in the parking lot of my building. It had a playing card clipped under its windshield wiper - the nine of hearts. And, the car had a diplomatic number plate. 

My mind immediately started going into overdrive. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN? I was fascinated and came up with the following scenarios:

1. It's part of a secret mission. The nine of hearts is clearly a code. The owner of the car is selling state secrets and now has to meet the buyer for the exchange. 

2. It's about a love affair. The mistress of the car owner left the card as a hint pointing to where they will be meeting next. 

3. It's a code used by a gang of robbers. The car has now been flagged, will be followed and the gang will strike.

4. It's a game for the car park security. Every one of them gets a stack of cards and distributes them onto several cars. The guy with the most of "his" cars driving out of the parking wins. (Sounds lame though)

Now, which one is the most likely?

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