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Feb 25, 2019 15:30:38

Thank God we aren't Unique!!

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Two cafes in my town I enjoy. 

Monday mornings one opens at 8, the other 7:30.

It was 7:50. I really like the 8 AM café better. I've spent more time in there. I feel more in-flow out of habit there. But ten minutes. I could surely spend ten minutes waiting for the doors to open. Ten minutes isn't much.

Ten minutes isn't much when thinking in the context of standard labor. It's almost as we can only view the world through a perspective intrinsically linked to our labor. A chef primarily looks at the world as objects that can be cooked or methods that can prepare or cook food in certain ways. An engineer is stuck looking at how things are built, organized, used. A social scientist can't help but look at the organization of people and power.

I had grown up thinking I always would do wage labor. X amount of dollars per time. It's only recently where I learned that I could do something else. And it's even more recent that I've fostered enough belief in myself that I started to take actions -- yes actual actions that happen in real life and not just imaginations inside the head -- towards non-time-based-wage-labor. 

In my old head, I would've totally spent ten minutes waiting outside the door. Ten minutes is nothing. Because well how much can you get done in ten minutes? How much money could you earn? Not much. So why not just spend it waiting.

But this morning, just under two hours ago, I saw the world differently. I saw value in those ten minutes. Because I know that so much can get done in ten minutes. 

I just wrote this in ten minutes. Maybe it might not mean a lot to you, but it meant a lot to me. If you're struggling to take action on anything in your life, then this is an insight. Do things that mean a lot to you, not what you think mean a lot to others.

Some people get depressed about how they can never have original ideas. They think of something they think is brilliant and they think it's their unique idea, but then it turns out everyone else has it too. This is actually great, because it means you can just focus on what has purpose and meaning to you, and there will be others out there who need that. Who want that. Who will benefit from that.

You don't need to try to please others. You can please yourself and there will be so many people out there who will be pleased by it as well. Why? Because

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