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Dec 14, 2018 10:50:05

Techno in Asia, day 5: damn still scraping

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I'm not sure if I'm starting to overcomplicate things. 

Right now I'm building a second scraper.

The first scrapes all the event-id's from all the country pages in a json file.

The second imports this file and loops through the json and scrapes all info for each event.

Easy, right? Well I was wrong. 

I soon discovered I needed more than just the event id's from the first scraper. This meant I had to rewrite a few parts. Alright. I went back and forth between both scrapers, because basically I'm handling data in 2 files now.

I use promises for async tasks. But sometimes I'm just good in making things like this not work and today was a day like that. 

When your mind is not focused, it is so prone to making mistakes. Often they're wrong assumptions. A bit of laziness is involved

And every time I think I'm close, I forgot about some details. 

Frustration arises. Anger. Impatience. Annoyance. 

All at myself. 

How often I see developers do this. 

The most quiet, introvert and friendliest persons do this.

They are nice to the world, but loath themselves.

These are moments we need to be nice to ourselves and forget about the world.

Forget about judgements and forget about failure.

Time to get working.

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