Dec 09, 2018 12:53:01

Techno in Asia, day 1: Strapi, ideas, questions

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Man oh man. So much unexplored territory.

Let's start with Strapi. 

Installed it without spending too much effort. This tutorial got me going. Some notes that happened while following this tutorial:

- make sure correct ports are opened (firewall settings `ufw` in my case)

- at the end of the tutorial, strapi is run in production mode. But 'content-type creator' plugin is only available in development mode. I created another pm2 task so I can restart into production mode and use the plugin to create my data.

- filed some bugs @ strapi Github

So many questions in my head and new challenges to solve:

- my front end is now the /public/ Strapi folder. I guess I need to have a different kind of nginx redirect (perhaps a subdomain for the API?) as the main domain should be pointing towards Netlify servers where I deploy my static site.

- configure Strapi so from the Netlify servers I can get the data and the scraper can create new records.

- create webhooks which are invoked after the scraper is done with inserting new data into Strapi API. I wouldn't want Strapi to send a Webhook for every new record I insert, rather when the task is completely done by the scraper. 

So right now I have this running. It gathers the data from my api @ and is hosted at Netlify. Great!


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    @flowen looking good in one day 🤩

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 10, 2018 06:55:36
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      @flowen @basilesamel thanks man! I always think I'm not doing enough 🌶

      lowen flowen avatar lowen flowen | Dec 10, 2018 08:02:09
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