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Dec 14, 2018 08:01:44

Team day two

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Janne Koponen

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Yesterday we kicked off our second team retreat so far. We started with some softer topics found through our own and team overall strengths and communication styles thinking about how we can better utilize this information and what we, as a team might be lacking.

The second part of the day we focused more on the team responsibilities as well as internal and external offerings we provide. And of course, there was time to enjoy some sauna, food whiskey and music in the evening as well.

Today we are focusing more on the technical side of the team. Running some workshops on the latest cool technologies and thinking about how we could utilize those technologies in our daily work. There are some interesting things my team members have been working on lately and it's surely going to be interesting to hear more about those things.

I'm really happy about all the discussions we have had so far and hope we can build on top of those to kick our team to a new level with better focus on things we do and also on personal level when we know each other once again a bit better.

Finally, in the evening we are going to head back to the office to join the rest of the company for some pre-Christmas celebrations. 

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