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Mar 10, 2019 23:53:52

Task Based Work

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Keenen Charles

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I've mostly worked remotely in the few years I've been working so far. I've never liked the idea of working in an office all day, every day but now I think I just can't do it in the way it's traditionally structured.

The 40-hour work week has become so ingrained into society that we rarely question it. Remote work is becoming more popular but it still comes with the expectation of working 40 hours every week. Most companies have a time-based approach to work rather than a task-based one.

In reality, few employees in jobs without time-sensitive constraints rarely work those 40 hours. You need breaks in between to re-focus. You get tired and just let the last few hours past. But you can still do your job well by getting your tasks done in the time required.

Many advocate shorter work weeks but it's not a radical enough change to me. Sometimes you do need 8 hours to get something done. Sometimes you need more. In the current structure, you don't get back the hours that remain in the day when your work's done. And you don't get back the extra hours you put in. Your commute isn't even considered.

Rather than focus on a specific amount of time maybe we should shift to a structure where people work how many ever hours they believe they require. The goal of work is to get specific tasks done. If it takes 2 hours or 8, getting it done is all that matters. In this model, employees are giving the freedom to manage their own time and are judged on a rational basis.

Obviously, it wouldn't work for every job. In some jobs getting a task done only leads to another. It'd probably require a lot more restructuring and changes in attitudes to work successfully. But after a few years of remote work I'm too spoilt to accept the traditional job structure.

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