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May 15, 2019 00:00:06


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A new idea of course. You tag a single person in your post. Feel free to tag somebody who's already been tagged or not. @tag means put their username after the @ (for the new folks ) No multi-tagging. Here we go - keep it going.

@lucjah - fresh

You show up and dance. You play. You demonstrate a willingness to participate. Why? Why not just enjoy your cup of coffee or rainy weather in silence?

Sharing makes you come alive.

In a share, you're a fruit tree dropping ripe fruit on the ground. The bees are alive with the hummmm.. smiling as they lick the pollen off each others faces on return from your tree.  Buzzity Buzz! Go CHECK OUT LUCJAH TREE!! 

So much life. Seeds and leaves and rings of experience. Cut you open to count the fires and lightning strikes and wonder how much life has been within such a small package.

The left toe is precarious at best. Tell us about that. How did I know to pick that one? What happened? Were you going to tell us?

When you wake up in the morning, the sun stops feeling alone and is willing to lighten the sky. Until then, we'll wait. We'll see.

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