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Jun 01, 2019 16:53:53

Table Manner

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One thing I would my son to learn is table manner. It would be painful or stressfull for him to pay attentions in special occasions like dinner with potential spouse and in-law parents, casual meals with interviewees, colleagues, or customers. It is ideally almost unconsciously conducted without any hustle.

Not many time though, I noticed some of my friends had not proper dining ettiquette. If they are very close friends, I would try to let him or her realize it without letting them feel embarrassed too much. But not for everyone. Once you grow up, not everybody told you something wrong. So I think this is one of the parents' responsibility. At the same time, I might have inproper dining manner. So it is always good to check what are the basic table manner.

Chew with you mouth closed

This is one of the top table manner for me. I remember when I was little, my mom scolded me strictly when chewing with my mouth opening. Once ones used to this manner, it could be so annoying someone else by making chewing noise with their mouth opened.

Note that some countries / cultures might have making noise could be not necessarily bad, or even considered as good. In this case, it could be very hard for those who grow up with this manner.

There is a lot of manners to learn. To be continued…


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