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Dec 03, 2018 23:33:52

Systems vs Goals

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Today a post from Marc in #WIP made me think of this article by Scot Adams.

Actually, it's a chapter from his book: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life. 

I still set goals.

But I shouldn't. It's kind of second nature, it's a habit. So I will add this to my new habits to unlearn. 

If you set a goal, you are failing every day until you met that goal. And then it's time to set a new goal. Which means you're continuously failing. Not a very positive mindset or very encouraging to keep doing.

Create systems. Unconsciously I've done this a lot. 

Do the thing that naturally comes to you. Whatever you gravitate towards, you will automatically enjoy more. What you enjoy more, you will get better at. When you're good at something, you will do it - without too much protesting - even if there are some bits and parts that aren't enjoyable. You will enjoy it for the most part.

When you set a system, you just work on it every day. You will see your skills or whatever the thing it is, that you're doing, slowly grow. You will get better at it every day. This has more chance to keep you positive minded and will help you grow. But it takes time.

Everyone wants their goal met today. But we need to think long term too.

I don't think it necessarily means that setting goals are a bad thing to do. But we shouldn't fixate on the goal. And when we work, we should focus on systems.

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