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May 26, 2019 22:26:57

Sunsets at Shijo

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Jason Leow

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Sunsets at Shijo. Blue fading to tangerine in the sky, birds flying home, ducks wading back to their nests, people emerging from their jobs onto the banks of the Kamo river. There's a relaxed vibe in the air. Somehow, Shijo is a natural hub for everyone. The fourth bridge, and probably Kyoto's busiest bridge, as it's near the main shopping district and the gateway train station to the old centre of Higashiyama. If I happen to be downtown Kyoto, I invariably end up near Shijo near the end of the day. It's lovely to be here to watch the sunset, amidst the crowds of tourists and locals heading home, getting to their dinner dates, or just chilling. On days I don't mind crowds, it is a special place to soak in the sunset. On the other side of the bridge, a busker plays the chapman stick, an unusual guitar-like musical instrument, but with a haunting, ethereal sound. It's a beautiful symphony to complement the gorgeous sunset. The crimson sky slowly morphs into dancing shades of violet and indigo, and the riverside restaurants start to light up and glow in orange and red. I can almost hear laughter, from the groups eating, drinking at the restaurants windows.  

A time lapse of life unfolding, blooming, moving. Sunsets at Shijo. An end of a beautiful day.

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