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Feb 02, 2019 12:55:50

Sunrise & Rise

by @daniellucas | 235 words | 🐣 | 62💌

Daniel Lucas

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I woke up in their apartment, where they never turn on the heater, under a mountain of blankets, and my sweet Nibbler patrolling the mattress, outlining my limbs - sprawled as they were - her low humming purr a sound I'd missed dearly, and as I reached out to stroke her back, things began to finally sink in, a recognition of the pit in my stomach arose, my palms began to pulse and slick, a sudden chill running down my spine into my toes - I don't normally get nervous, but today could be the beginning of the rest of my life, the first bit of dirt covering a barren seed.

I woke up in their town house, a sprawling early century cottage on a lot with three other houses, the same one I saw in the newspaper a couple days later - the cover image for a sprawling article on the gentrification of Highland Park & the greater Los Angeles metro area - as I was waiting for an order of tacos, and just before returning a voicemail from Lyudmila, a brief conversation about which type of Macbook I wanted and what color should it be, my eyes blinking and content, the knot in my stomach returning, this time as a blossoming, a slow motion supernova, an entire new galaxy developed in my lower spine as I stretched, sprawling on the softest mattress, this bassinet the cradle of civilization.

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