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Jan 20, 2019 22:31:22

Sundays are for planning

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Seun Oyebode

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This is that 2019 you've been praying for.
Own it.
Throw yourself at it .
"Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards" Shane Patton (Lone Survivor 2013)
Have a great year.
I will too

Yet another Sunday.

Writing "Letters to my younger self" has been lovely. It's the second week my 200 words a day were a form of series. I came up with that idea when i realized the difficulty in having to come up with ideas  for 200WAD daily.

And it has been helpful. 

The issue now is that, i don't have a series idea for next week. So i guess i'm back to thinking up ideas daily again.

I would write about Purchasing Power Parity this week. It's gonna be a one off article.

Then i'd have to think up ideas for the remaining days. I'll be fine.


I didn't really binged on a song last week. But one song caught my attention. Westlife Hello My Love. I like the song. Good song, lovely rhythm. By the way i have been a Westlife fan from way back and i was excited to see them come together again to make music.

So that's it for this Sunday.

Cheers to a great week ahead.

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