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Jan 12, 2019 07:49:16

Stub that! (part 1) - Excuse me, do you have a lighter?

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Tuhin Bhuyan

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They told me that this query can build bridges and end wars. It can trigger great thoughts, initiate intellectual conversations and trigger a sense of camaraderie. Such poetic. Much romantic. Wow! 

You just got a glimpse inside the mind of a novice smoker and how they vehemently defend their habit. I know, I was a part of this clan, so were luminaries like Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Sartre, and the list goes on (Ah! validation! I must be doing something right). That was how the story was way back in 2009.

Fast forward 10 years, I don't have cancer. My family isn't broken because of my habit. I am not a helpless schmuck and my life ain't no sad story (surprise.. surprise.. what were you expecting?).  This is because I pulled the parachute before falling flat on the ground. Now, as I'm gently gliding down towards the ground I have decided to put my thoughts about smoking and the mindset that worked for me. Hence, this three-part series of posts. Maybe it can help you or someone you know who is trying to quit the smoke.

I have tried quitting (smoking, not life!) by going cold turkey, smoking on alternate days, smoking in sequences i.e. taking gaps (in days) between smoking as per the geometric progression, Fibonacci series etc. I was desperate to increase the gap between two consecutive days I've smoked. This desperation stemmed from my belief that if I could make it to 21 days without 'the coffin nail', I will never feel the urge to smoke again because that's how long you take to build a new habit, in this case, the habit of not smoking. But ladies and gentlemen, that's exactly how things don't work!

In the next post, I will take you to the moment that compelled me to pull the chute and walk the path of nicotine de-addiction.

Please Note: My post is intended for inspiration and nudging you to take the first steps. If you are failing at quitting the smoke, please consult professional help if necessary. Have a happy and healthy life ;) 

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