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May 12, 2019 11:23:56

Streak for Products

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Streak is one of the exciting concepts nowadays, especially if you are in the maker scene, you will see lots of the new product with Streak feature.

Why is the streak is so essential? Because it can increase the stickiness of your product. It can become a factor that your users are repeating using your product daily. During the old day, we call it to gamify your product, bring the gaming experience to your products. A good example is the check-in features by foursquare.

So what does the side of Streak? Some users try anything to maintain the Streak ( in a wrong way ), for example, some of the task log based product, there is task log for eating a meal to maintain the streak. I don't think that's a right thing to do, just like I mention from my past posts, Streak is something for yourself, if you are going to cheat yourself, the streak is going to be meaningless.

It's not easy to strike a balance for maintaining Streak feature for a product; you want to create something to unite the community, on the other hand, you want to avoid users from ambush the feature, created an uncomfortable experience to other users.

While encouraging users to keep up their streak is essential, I saw some excellent example that to supporting users to strike a balance within keeping up their streak and avoid burn out for chasing the streak. At this point of time, there are no right or wrong, the user might cheer for the "keep it balance" feature, but it might not looking good on stats.

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