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Feb 05, 2019 09:06:37

Stop right there!

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Janne Koponen

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Close those other tabs, turn of Slack, don't open the mail and put away your phone. Go get another cup of coffee and then we start.

Got your coffee? Good, now open the "write new post" - page and start writing!

There is the voice in my head telling me every morning I should write. It's telling me I could check those mails later, there shouldn't be anything urgent I would need to do before starting. But those are just suggestions and as such can be disregarded. So every time I find myself procrastinating with work.

But if that little voice takes a more authoritative tone it's all different. You must write, those mails and notifications can wait. There isn't anything urgent things to do.

It's such a small thing. Instead of suggesting myself a course of action I need to tell myself what to do. And I think it's working. At least I'm writing this now instead of going through my mail and notifications. Even when I can see them demanding attention in the corner of my vision. But they can wait. I'll have this done in a moment and then I can give my full attention to them.



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