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Jan 23, 2019 03:31:25

Stomach flu

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Victoria Maung

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What is the difference between stomach flu and food poisoning? 

Well, all that I know is that regardless of what it is, it definitely is causing me lose track of the day. 

A wave of nausea hit me at 5am, and I ended up sitting on the toilet for the following hour, waiting to see if my body was going to expel anything. I went to class at 7am, then for the next four hours, I was rocking to-and-fro trying to not let the nausea overtake me during the multi-hour lecture. 

Pale, my classmate offers to take me home for the four-hour gap in between classes, sparing me the walk and wait for bus in -4-degree Celsius weather. During the break, I manage to get an hour of sleep and listen to audio recordings of the lectures required for the next class, staying in even as the fire alarm goes off in my building (I'm a terrible example). 

After a group session for class, I head home, waiting for a shuttle that took too long to arrive, barely making the walk without collapsing. Before I go grocery shopping for sick-people food (hello, bananas, applesauce, and Gatorade), I help my friend without snow tires brush and dig out her car, and she gives me Japanese stomach medicine. 

Now, I've just woken up from a 3-hour nap, debating what I should eat for dinner. 

Sickness is definitely a surreal experience, especially since it doesn't often happen to me. Time dilates in your conscious waking moments and compresses as you get the sleep you need. I can't say I'm enjoying it. 

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    @vickenstein I felt the same for 2 weeks. Yesterday, I was debating to go to the hospital emergency room and finally cleaned my system out. Fiber. Eat fiber like cereals or a special drink medication containing fiber. Hope you feel better today!

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Jan 23, 2019 14:26:45
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      @RealNegotiator thanks, Mark! I'm going to try oatmeal again tomorrow morning!

      Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Jan 24, 2019 04:22:56
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    @vickenstein Rest well! Hope you get better soon.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jan 23, 2019 12:18:27
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      @basilesamel thanks, Basile! ?

      Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Jan 24, 2019 04:23:25
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