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Jan 12, 2019 05:33:06

Steps To Success

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Every success begins with a Single Step ...but none of them end there.

The old cliche tells us a long journey starts with a lone step, but it doesn't tell you how many additional ones will be required to complete the trip.

Your path of progress toward success in life (or on a specific project) follows the same rule. You gotta take that first step to begin, but after that it's anyone's guess.

The only thing you can really count on is that fact there will be more steps.

The most direct route will obviously require less shoe leather to complete, but in life one never knows what knowledge gained along the way will be required in the final stage of your trip. An aggravating and frustrating detour might teach a vital lesson that you'll need to apply at the end of your journey in order to call it a success.

No matter how many steps you tally-up when you've arrived at your destination -- you can only take each of the steps one at a time. You can't skip steps (you can try, but you'll likely fall on your butt!) 

So by all means, track and monitor your steps. Pay attention to the path and where you set down each one of your feet in succession, but remember to value the journey itself and realize your success is more than the sum of your steps. 



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