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May 30, 2019 07:08:15

Step out my development comfort zone

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Yeah, finally turn on the markdown editor feature, I m having some issue when I tried to turn on a few days ago. I like to try new shiny things!

I like to try new products, but I don't like to step out my comfort zone in development, I been doing PHP for many years, I did try on ruby and node, but don't feel comfortable with it and didn't think of trying it further.

Thanks for PHP being a common development language that can run everywhere and thanks for WordPress being popular and running on PHP, I use it most of my freelance work without any issue. Later part thanks for Laravel appear, it makes PHP fun again, and I feel more comfortable with it and never really touch any things other than PHP.

It strikes me when Laravel starts to adopt Vue, I been using PHP & jQuery for so many years, suddenly that is this stranger invaded my comfort zone, it takes me a long time to accept the fact. It might be because of that kind of attitude, it takes me a while to pick up Vue, and I can't avoid it because the Laravel community has picked up Vue, lots of packages/concept talking about Laravel + Vue.

That's the same fear when I want to take part in this round ProductHunt Maker Festival; they are not using REST API, they use something call Graphql, OMG! Another new thing, I feel panics at first and struggle to decide to join the Maker Festival or not. After some try and error with my comfortable PHP environment, I start to understand how it works and loves the explore new thing feeling.

I am working on a prototype for the Maker Festival daily, and I believe their API is still in the Work In Progress mode, which is why every day I also encounter some issue, but the learning experience excited me again. Suddenly it feels the same excitement when I discover a new product.

I guess developer need to force it to get out from their comfort zone to grow and I m thinking to convert my WordPress blog to Ghost soon.

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    @knight I definitely feel your pains and am right there with you! It's hard to keep up with the new stuff but it's worth the effort and it's fun when you get to use modern tools that actually work and are enjoyable (eg) Vue and Laravel 😀

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | May 29, 2019 19:03:32
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      @jacklyons agreed, just need to take the first step.

      Knight avatar Knight | May 31, 2019 06:41:34
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