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Jan 04, 2019 23:18:33

Starter Notes - On Environment

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Seun Oyebode

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You can set up yourself for success. 

When starting anything that requires commitment, you know there's no silver bullet right?


Your environment is also big factor in achieving your goal.

Say you want to be consistent with 200WAD. You have to customize your environment to achieve success. You have to surround yourself with stuffs that would keep your goal at your forefront.


Well, start by following 200WAD on twitter, click on notifications. 

Bookmark the website and come here to read often.

Outline your article for next day before going to bed.

I could go on and on. It's the same for anything you want to keep doing. Create a Twitter List of those who would inspire you towards your goal. Set up repeated reminders on your phone. Find a playlist of music that gets you in the zone and listen often.

The trick is to ensure that you would always come across something that would remind you of your goal.

When i wanted to continue learning about Crypto, i followed almost every possible account on twitter and i made Coinmarketcap my first point of call each time i open my browser.

Same thing i did when i needed get myself inspired on making side projects. I did my twitter thing and i also have a friend i chat on hangout with almost everyday about side projects.

Here's the catch, you can influence your consistency. Design your environment around your goal.

Not doing this is leaving your success to chance. 

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    For me, it's been helpful to actually commit to reading other people's posts.

    There's the adage that gratitude is what really makes you happy. Caring about yourself causes unhappiness and anxiety, while focusing on helping others brings a good life.

    I transposed that mindset to this community. At first I came here only thinking about how I can improve my writing, how I can be consistent with my writing, how I can get feedback from other people.

    But what has made me enjoy coming here more has been the drive to read other people's posts. And comment when I can provide value or support to them. Making it about the other writers had made it easy for me to come here.

    Abe Cent avatar Abe Cent | Jan 04, 2019 23:34:22
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