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Jan 09, 2019 22:49:12

Starter Notes - Botched First Attempt

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Seun Oyebode

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Why do people give up at first attempt?


We were definitely not like this growing up. How did we learn it?

You probably wouldn't recall your first attempt at talking as a baby.

But you sure have an idea right? ;)

You first attempt at walking?

You see, those blabbing or staggering weren't signs that you were never meant to use your speech or that you were never meant to talk in life.

They were just what they were, your first attempt. 

Majority of what we learn't in life, we started with imperfect firsts.

How to talk? How to walk? How to give? How to love?

Your first attempts at these activities sure weren't excellent. 

I understand there comes a time when everyone should learn and strive to get it right the first time. But not this context.

Your first attempts aren't perfect indications of your ability at all.

We should never out-grow this vital lesson of life.

Your first business failed?

That doesn't mean business is not for folks like you

Your first relationship failed?

Hey friend, try again

You botched it at your first job?

Give it another go, at least that's how you probably learnt walking, talking.

Never ever drop the ball because you failed at your first attempt.

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