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May 02, 2019 22:48:06


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This is sort of a continuation from yesterday, but I think it's separate...

I've seen a lot of talk about what stack people use lately. I think people get caught up with this too much. Obviously, the Rails stack is the one to rule them all - I jest, stack does not matter.

That being said, I love the Rails stack. As DHH said in his Rails Conf keynote, Ruby was designed by Matz for developer happiness, what a wonderful thing. Rails is a beautiful language. I've tried other stacks, including PHP, Java, C - nothing compares for me. I sometimes wish I was more of a polyglot, but then I remember one key principle.

Stack does not matter.

Whatever you choose, the goal is service. A user doesn't care about your stack. When you're starting out, you don't need to worry about scaling to a million users - you might never get a single one.

My problem with trying a new stack is that I always think I can do this better with my old stack. Then there is more overhead when it comes to DevOps, deploying and maintenance. I might have already solves these problems in my existing stack, what would I gain from using a new stack and learning this all again?

Is that short sighted?

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    @craigpetterson nah not short sighted imo. Going long Rails is the way to go. It's become stable/proven/old enough such that large organisations use it, yet it's still the nicest thing to write.

    Richard Lynch avatar Richard Lynch | May 02, 2019 23:20:34
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      @richardlynch kisses fingers its lovely. I feel stagnant atm though - there is more I can learn.

      Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | May 02, 2019 23:43:13
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