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Episode 16, season 5 of Blackish, titled Enough is Enough, was a thought-provoking episode. Kyra, Dre's less fortunate niece from Compton, is flourishing under the care of the Johnsons, but when her estranged father Perry comes to take her back to Houston, Dre and Bow have a hard time letting go. Dre, especially, doesn't trust Perry to care for Kyra, as he doesn't have her schooling and future charted for her like the Johnsons do. Perry, who is far less financially stable, also only recently got a job as a barber, so Dre is worried that Perry is "rolling the dice with Kyra's future." But Ruby, Dre's mom, convinces Dre to let Perry take Kyra, who is touched by her father's efforts to be a better person, by telling him to give Perry a chance to redeem himself. After all, Ruby says, despite Dre's father being frequently absentee, Dre wanted to spend time with his father.

At first, I empathized with the Johnsons. If there was a less well-to-do child in my life, I would happy adopt them to give him a place of stability, even if it meant sacrificing their relationship with their less-than-reliable, potentially bad-influence parents. But I failed to neglect the importance of having a relationship with your parents. I'm reminded of Asian culture. I hear so often of parents sending their child abroad for better schooling, who emphasize only the importance of doing well in academically instead of emotional connections, who don't indulge in enough time together outside of utility. I appreciate the Johnsons' decision in the end to let Kyra go with her father, but willingness to extend a hand if she needs it.

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