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Jan 21, 2019 18:05:41

Soy, the New Meat for The Healthier Future

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To whom it may concern

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I came across videos about Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger sharing their vision on bringing soy protein into U.S. household as meat alternative. I was amazed how similar it looks like a burger, and what a great idea to come into the burger market. If you ask anyone in the world, which food represents 'Murica -it would be burger. Burger is an America staple, and putting the soy burger in the burger section in a supermarket would help the visibility to the burger shopper and adoption will follow naturally.

I notice that supermarket, or food company, is providing more organic and healthier options on the aisle. I presume this shift is due to consumer demand; Food company would produce what the consumer wants. Does American really shift into a healthier lifestyle, or it's just there are more diet/workout advertisements out there? I also notice that there are more fitness studios with different specialty like Barre, TRX, and Cycle popping up. I concluded if the fitness business is not profitable, there would not be many new ones comes up.

Does the American household want to move towards an alternative lifestyle, and Soy is leading the way? Do you notice the same trend where you live?

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