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Mar 15, 2019 13:15:28

Some Internet Businesses

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It's cheating. Cheating? Well, it would  be if there were rules about what  you could write to get to 200 words. But, I don't think there are actual rules and  there aren't any software alerts saying, "Hey @motherf&*$%er these words Don't COUNT!"

Ad Network - think Google or BuySellAds

Affiliate Marketing Manager - seems like a job  - unless  you're managing the marketing to your affiliate  page - then you're in business.

Apartment Locator - cities support these kinds of services helping new-to-towners put down some roots once their AirBnB  tolerance wears thin.

Concierge Service - provide  some service for people.

I  think of productized services when I read that one above, but the intent of this one is to provide a high-touch service for travelers. They buy online, tell you where they're going, and then when they get  into town, you pick them up with a  limo or van and concierge the heck  out of them.

Email Reminder Service - this one sounds like something a programmer would think, oh, I can write a script, I'll automate some email reminders. The next thing you know, they're running a  $1,500,000  business from their laptop and a couple of AWS servers.  I like that one.

Private Investigator - My mom was always so nosey, she thought  if she wasn't an elementary school teacher, she'd have been good at this. People would never wonder what the gold Buick was doing parked outside their favorite hookup spot.

Two hundred words don't give you much room to elucidate. Stay tuned for more.

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