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Jan 16, 2019 22:03:09

Social media lowers our self confidence but...

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Recently we can easily see others' activities in social media and compare them with yourself. 

The internet is a competitive flat world where everybody is displayed on the 1d line and it is often visible to see how many people are above you. Only limited people could be outstanding. By excessive competition, we might be burn out since you always comparing yourself to "better" people and feel helpless. As you go up, you will be able to see further from the higher position and the gap to the point where you could see might expand exponentially. 

At the same time, we might be also afraid of being accused in social media. Anybody, even if not famous people, has a potential to make a burst in SNS. Then some might believe exposing nothing would be less risk. 

These factor might lower our self confidence, however, if we would like to be independent professional, we need to publish our work and should not be afraid of being criticized. With the right community where you can feel your small but meaningful progress, we should keep expressing our idea and opinions to the internet. 

How do you encourage yourself to express yourself to the internet? 

- Hiro


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    @hiro what is SNS? If I have to take a guess, it is some form of social media. To answer your question, I encourage myself to keep writing on here by remembering that I'm doing this for me to advance myself; not for other's liking as I'm not in the writing business.

    Sure that it is nice to connect with other people, and getting a notification that someone comments or replies to your post is exciting. However, that's not my purpose why I am here. My goal is to express myself and improve my writing skills through practice and feedback. I'm comparing myself today with my yesterday's self. Am I better than my yesterday or last year's self? So, does your self-confidence is affected because you are competitive, or you are using the site for the wrong reason? It's a rhetorical question.

    In summary, it's a matter of perspective. Seeing it differently, having someone "better" than you could instead keep you humble that you still have a way to go. SNS may be important/relevant for you and the only place that you mostly identify yourself with. Similar with people who find Facebook and Instagram are relevant and important for self-confirmation through the number of "likes" that they receive. If this applies to you, I feel that extending yourself to different interest (such as joining a sport club) could boost your self-esteem. Also to be aware that not everybody knows or cares about SNS (like me!). So, don't limit your happiness in that bubble.

    To whom it may concern avatar To whom it may concern | Jan 16, 2019 17:04:27
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      @towhomitmayconcern thank you so much for your considerate comment.
      Because of my writing, I believe I did not expose myself precisely and I am also not the person who cares about social media so much. When I started 200wordsady, I considered the purpose of writing here and clarify it for myself. At the same time, I think it is difficult to say 0% or 100% for myself or others since if I set the goal for improving writing, and would like to write some books or messages for someone at the end of the day, I need to think how the audience will perceive my writing, how I can convey my message to people who I would like to share it with etc.

      On the other hand, I noticed I mixed different things in this post by SNS, social media and other internet contents. Along with social media, I was thinking of technical blogs or academic papers, open source projects which show us a sort of brief hierarchy, layers or levels of skills. So not necessarily talking about "likes" or confirmation, but some technical and tangible benefits were shared and I can see their impacts, skills, and wisdom. Whenever I found a more skillful person in my field, I feel I would like to catch them up. To this end, I need to work on the technical side and writing side.

      Last but not least, as Aristotle said happiness should not rely on somebody else, I keep in mind seeking for intrinsic value. I am happy with doing by myself, without getting any confirmation or approval from others. I hope I could express a part of myself a bit more accurately with this comment.

      Hiro avatar Hiro | Jan 17, 2019 17:37:30
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