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Dec 16, 2018 21:37:18

So, I have been doing this for years now

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Finally, the day is here. As of today, I have been writing every single day for two whole years. That's 730 days in a row. 200-250 words each day on average. For me, that is a lot of writing.

Even now, I couldn't imagine myself writing a books worth of text. But looking back that's exactly what I have done in the best two years, twice. Sure, there is a big difference in writing an actual book instead of writing several hundred unrelated pages of text.

Now comes the hard part. Until now there has always been some close by waypoint to aim. But they are becoming increasingly distant every time. Or they seem insignificant after accomplishing bigger and bigger goals. Should I aim for three years now? Or one thousand days would be a bit closer. But still quite far. 750 is kind of a round number but is twenty more days anything on top of two years.

I fear these overwhelming goals. Once again it feels daunting to start thinking about them. And why should I? I have gotten this far doing it a day at the time. I can keep doing that indefinitely. And before I notice I have been writing a thousand days, three years, or five, or ten. I don't know how long I will go on. And I don't care. I just take one day at the time and see where it leads me.

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