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Dec 18, 2018 12:18:26

Smartphone addiction

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Brandon Wilson

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The other day I pulled up to a stoplight and looked at the drivers in the cars around me. The driver in front of me, the one to my left, the one to my right, and the one behind me ALL were using smartphones. So much for the message to stop texting and driving.

It is an assumption that younger people and kids are always using their smartphones. That's a given. What is more surprising to me is the growing trend of adults spending just as much time on the devices. 

We are starting to get anecdotal evidence and research about the harm caused by too much smartphone usage and in particular usage of certain apps, e.g., Facebook, Instagram. The show 60 Minutes featured a story recently about how brains are being changed and re-wired as a result of excessive smartphone use, especially by young people.

My iPhone is my favorite device, and I'm just as guilty as anyone else using it probably more than I should be. The first step is to recognize just how much I am using it. Apple's Screen Time feature is good for that. The second step is to make a conscious effort to control usage. I keep notifications to a minimum and use airplane mode often. And I'm not the guy using my iPhone while driving or at a stoplight. I'm the guy looking over watching you. 

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