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Jan 20, 2019 15:33:14


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Victoria Maung

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This is a fun tradition that I may try to continue every winter. I recently moved to upstate New York, known for its snowy winters caused by "lake effects," which occurs when winds collect water vapor from large, warmer bodies of water and deposits it as snow on downwind shores. 

I semi-jokingly told my partner that skiing is an exercise in facing my fears. I've always been scared of picking up speed because of my poor reaction time, coupled with the threat of dying from running into a tree or hurting a stranger. Also, skiing is a hassle. You have to drive to the resort, pay a lot of money for a lift ticket and rentals (let alone the cost of the rest of the ski gear you need to wear), wear tight ski boots that restrict you to a penguin walk, then be contented with a couple of ski runs that probably total 10% of the time it takes to get there. 

But overall, I need to get out of my confort zone. A psychological trick I recently learned is that our biological circuitry can reinforce the concept "fake it 'til you make it." According to the Hebbian principle, neurons that fire together, wire together. Basically, if I begin to associate skiing (and all its aspects that I associate with negative emotions: speed, risk, cost) with fun, it will help attenuate those emotions. For someone who is too risk-averse in life, I'm looking forward to this transformation.

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