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Dec 27, 2018 19:42:18

Six square meters

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Janne Koponen

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Thinking about it I realized I spend most of my time in three places roughly 2 square meters each. Combined, I estimated spending about three quarters of my days within those few square meters. That's quite a little of space to live in.

First, naturally there is my bed. Spending one third of my life there is just the necessity. There wouldn't be any alternatives to that and I think the space is adequate and time well spent.

Second place is my work desk. There, I spend around 7 hours a day when I'm at the office, so about 3 days per week. That's actually not that much. Thanks to the possibility to remote often enough to spend the remaining two days at home.

Which leads to the third place I spend most of my time while awake (and sometimes also in sleep): our couch. This is the place I feel like I'm always. I just visit other places occasionally and then return back here. I'm sitting here right now writing this.

It's the place where I read, write, watch tv, play., even work on those remote days.. and just spend time. Maybe I really should get out of it more often. It's the one place I could actually spend less time unlike those other two.

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