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Dec 18, 2018 10:52:05

Sir, please keep your finances in control, sir.

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In the Netherlands, you can change insurance before the 1st of January. This is a good time to asses the financials as at the end of the year you can spend some of that last tax money, buy some Christmas presents and in my case, it's also my birthday (29 dec) and my dad's birthday (2 Jan). 

Sir, check your burn rate.

Something I pride myself on is on how little money I seem to be able to survive the last few years. By living in countries where life is cheaper, being a minimalist, a bit frugal and aware of most costs. My goal is to change my burn rate. 

Sir, check your monthly spendings.

Yesterday I dove deeper into what insurances I have. Seems I had a few I didn't need. I cancelled my household-insurance (protects vs fires and burglaries). I can't even use it as I rent my place. That saved me €11.65 a month. 

I changed health-insurance which gives me a staggering €34.25 a month.

I cancelled my personal Backblaze account. Which is another $5 a month. Now I back up everything on my free 1 TB Stack account (sorry, the free accounts are already gone).

I received a letter I don't have to pay off my study debt this year, last year was €188(!) a month.

Sir, check your monthly earnings.

I increased the rent for my house with a €50 / month.

Sir, share the outcome.

So in total, this changes my burn rate with €288.30 a month. Last year I had a burn rate of about minus €200. This year I will instead be in a surplus of around €88. 

It's boring as hell. Calling insurances for advice, but if I hadn't made a call, the nice lady on the phone wouldn't have told me about their special, compact insurance. 

My advice:

Sir, please keep your finances in control, sir.

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