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Feb 06, 2019 11:59:41

Simple tip: Alarms as reminders

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I have previously written about how notifications are big distractions. My recommendation is to eliminate as many non-critical notifications as possible so that you can focus on the task at hand.

While it is good to eliminate notifications that are not helping you, it is also good to add notifications to reinforce your behavior. There is a simple hack I use to reinforce ideas and goals on a daily basis.

The default Clock app on the iPhone allows you to set alarms. While the default name is "Alarm," you can actually edit this and type anything you want. I set several alarms at different times during the day to remind me of certain quotes or goals that I have for myself. 

Yes, there is a Reminders app as well. The problem with reminders is that you have to keep creating them whereas alarms can be recurring. 

I know someone who uses this technique and has alarms going off every fifteen minutes. That's a bit much for me. When I started this approach I had alarms going every hour. It's not necessary to overdo it. A few reminders a day might be enough to reinforce your goals and dreams and keep you focused. I think the first thought you have when you wake up in the morning is important. The last thought you have before you go to sleep is important. You decide which other times of the day are appropriate for these reminders.

I am sure Android phones have a similar feature and perhaps an Android user can comment on similar functionality.

It's direction not desire that determines destiny.

What you focus on expands. Life can get in the way, but if you keep yourself focused on a daily basis you will have a better chance of achieving what you are after.

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