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May 05, 2019 21:35:47

Silent moments

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Janne Koponen

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It's hard to stop and appreciate those rare moments when there is nothing going on around you. There is nobody nearby, no sources of distraction, nothing. Just you and the silence. Enjoy it while you can and take everything out of it.

For some reason, we tend to fill those moments with something. We need distractions to fill the void. It's hard to enjoy the moment without anything going on. There needs to be some noise coming on from the background to make it feel natural. Sure, even if there aren't any sounds made on purpose there probably is some background noise anyway. It's so hard to find actual pure silence from anywhere these days. You just need to block those remaining ones.

But you really should take that moment regardless. Stop right there and just enjoy the silence. There is no need to fill it with something. It will fill itself. Forget all those distractions. They can wait. You can afford to take a moment for yourself. There is plenty of time when there is something else going on around you. And then it will be too late anyway. The silence is gone and the world flows back in with all its voices.

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