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Mar 07, 2019 11:52:28

Sick people

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Lex Tan

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People act so differently when they are sick.

What are you like when you are sick?

I for one, will isolate myself in the folds of my blankets, comforting myself with the soothing voices of Lets Play YouTubers and heart-warming scenes from black and white mangas. 

Nothing will tempt my appetite, and I turn into a camel - draining bottle after bottle of water within minutes before remaining satiated for hours.

Force me to take a bowl of instant ramen or spinach porridge, and I will slurp it lazily over an hour as it grows cold.

I want to be spoiled when I’m sick, let me do the things I’m not supposed to!


My fiancΓ© on the other hand, will accept a video call, only to stare at me blank-faced, barely saying a word while I recite the usual Worried FiancΓ©e’s Checklist:

How’re you feeling?

Are the meds working?

Do you have vitamin C? 

Have you eaten, can I get you something delivered?

Are you staying warm?

Be sure to drink water.

He will stare, irritation very impressively concealed as he responds, β€œBad. No. Already took some. No, I made food. Yes. Already did.” 

Then the silence before us will stretch as languidly as Turkish ice cream before I rattle off what I will do today and sheepishly wish him good night.

He will assure me that the bed has been prepared, says he loves me too, and will subsequently stop responding to messages.

Being sick is a nuisance that he focuses on overcoming with all his might.


An ex colleague of mine will rush about like a nervous mouse, the surgical mask over her face twitching as she struggles to retain focus. 

She cannot sit still. 

Her heartbeat races on edge, as though spurring her body into motion is the only way it can buck her sickness.

I swear she does double the work when she calls in, not to say she’s staying home, but to warn us that she will be in sick.

Being sick is just a state of mind, she has declared aloud with a watery wink. Or at least, what I think she meant from her coughing fit.


What kind of sick person are you?



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    @lexc "Then the silence before us will stretch as languidly as Turkish ice cream" - hilarious metaphor! ? Made me laughed out loud

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Mar 07, 2019 21:15:41
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