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Apr 02, 2019 21:39:20

Sick again

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After some fun yesterday. There is no fun for today.

I am sick again. This time i have a big sore throat and head ache. Really dont know what is trying to kill me this time.

I felt a little sick already the last week but before my trip to the mountains it was everything all good but probably I got it back yesterday.

I was just sitting at work and sudenly the sore throat hit me and over the night the head ache come to the party.

I decided to stay home I would probably die at work cuz all day im just laying in my bed, drinking a lot of tea or sleeping.

Unfortunately, I dont feel any better :/. I just cannot do anything and my mood is pretty bad.

If it is not gonna improve over night I must see a doctor. I think it's not just usual cold but some weird fever or other unwelcome friend. I can understand the sore throat but I am worried cuz of the head ache don't know how to beat it.

Anyway, will see tomorrow. Wish me a good luck. I need to get back on my feet and be a little productive.


Stay with me. Efran

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