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Dec 19, 2018 14:33:33


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It's a busy day.

One of the scariest thing for Freelancer work from home? Nope, it's not I m the one who sicks, it's my kids sick. Today is one of those days that fill with tons of work and the big kid is sick.

First, because he is sick, so he can't really go to the school, which mean he going to stay home and you going to take care of him while working with all your work.

Second, I have another younger kid, so to avoid the virus passing around, my wife has to take care of the younger one and avoid to have much contact with his brother, so the big kid will be my sole responsible

Third, no school and can't play with the brother, so he needs my attention more often when I rushing all my work.

Thanks to Netflix, Youtube, and iPad, all these help to divert his attention, but he still sits with me while I working on all the freelance work, so it's pretty busy for me.

Finally, sending him off to bed and I can really focus to rush my work but don't think I still got time & energy to continue my rebuild hookeepr today.

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