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Nov 27, 2018 18:35:58

She could execute very hard tasks

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Brian Ball

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We worked together for more than six months. I look back now and realize there were signs. She was always the last one to leave the office. I thought she was just distracted. Now, the timelines reveal patterns not in favor of her innocence. Is it possible this whole time, while I thought she was just working on hard problems, she was complicit with the Redfist Underly. If I let my mind wander, I might imagine she's actually the mastermind behind their nefarious activity.

Doing hard things, well, isn't easy. Easy is often just a result of many hours of practice, so doing anything difficult means mastering the tasks through continuous learning and repetition. Also, a proper relationship to the topic and the rhythm to get you through boring periods is required. She was able to do much harder things than I would ever consider.

When she started, it looked like she was spending a few extra nights at the office. It was subtle. She would grab a coffee and say, I'm just going to finish up this journal entry. And, that's where the little lies kicked in. She wasn't lying, per se. Maybe she got super interested in what she was doing and got a second wind.

She was having fun. She was interested -- she didn't plan to be there until midnight -- essentially putting in a second shift.

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