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May 16, 2019 09:55:19

Shape Thinking

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Brian Ball

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Cube vs. Sphere

Block vs. Ball

Square vs. Circle

Two shapes. Different shapes do different things.

Have you considered the work required of a shape?

Why does an illustrator employ one shape or another? Why do drawing programs have separate tools for drawing circles or square or other shapes?

Why do we have different human languages? English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Thai, Japanese. Why?

Do we want to keep secrets? It's not a bad idea. Competition? Survival? What's the end goal? Does somebody win?

Shapes also help convey concepts. A block is something you can build with. Marbles, being round, are difficult to stack. The work you give to a ball may be to throw and catch or roll.

Imagine sports with cubes instead of balls.





As I was thinking about programming, I realized some problems need to build while others need to just quickly move you forward. If something is going to be around for a long time, we might make it block shaped and ensure it's got a flat surface to rest on.

If a value is transitory, that's like a ball bouncing in and out.

I hadn't put much thought into how shapes can help me think differently. Today I did.

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