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Dec 14, 2018 16:26:31


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Yes, I just meet my mini target to continue writing for a week. Yes, I did it! I have continued my streak for 7 days and today is the 8th post already.

I started with my first post to set up this mini 7 days target. I write about what I have failed. During the downtime, I have built my first, second and third product. After my first product launch, I know that the current situation doesn't work and it has been a blow to me but finally, I m glad that I over it already.

I did think about to stop writing after the first 2 day and some time I do feel like lazy to write something due to my tight schedule of freelance work, but I know deep down in my heart, I wish there are something I can motivate myself to continues working on.

Coding is a bit hard after exhausted from a whole day of freelance work, writing considers much easier, I can just sit down, type out some word and the rest will just flow out and I can almost write it anywhere.

So I looking forward to my next mini goal? maybe the 14th post? If I can still maintain this streak.

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