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May 16, 2019 23:35:39

Set your goal as means

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This is relevant to my post "Design your endless chain of means and ends". When you have a goal to achieve, sometimes it is good to set that goal as one of the means to achieve something else. 

For example, learning English used to be my goal to enter university. We started to learn English since junior high school, mainly focused on grammar, reading, and writing. Engish was one of my worst subjects. Luckily, I was able to enter the university I aimed for. After that, we could have the right to request the university to disclose our scores. English was less than average. 

But ironically, I have spent around 40% of my time on English out of 5 subjects. Whenever I commute to somewhere, I listen to English lectures or news and move my mouth to mimic the pronunciation, which was so strange for other passengers. At the time, I could not speak in English at all since we did not have any chance to talk in English. 

After entering graduate school, my English skill was surprisingly improved because I started to use English as a tool to read a research paper, write a paper, and present my work at the international conference. I also joined a summer program where I need to communicate with those who do not speak my mother tongue. 

From my learning experience perspective, it was also much easier and fruitful to learn English as a tool to achieve something else. When I set learning English as a goal was not that bad at that time. But if I reflect and compare to the experience in grad school, I should have learned English to achieve something else.


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