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Jun 08, 2019 18:12:10

Service profession

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Can anyone who enjoys serving others work in all professions and stay happy?

When I see someone who is good as a teacher - I immediately think - this person likes to help people. 

When was the last time you met someone who was a good teacher but was a selfish person?

Same with coaches, firefighters. 

What I want to see is - a similar assumption about people who are in business. 

Is there a way for someone to be in business and still be seen as someone who is about helping others?

I am always weary of anyone who is trying to sell me something...
My first thoughts are - stay away from me

So when I started my business, it was hard.
I didn't want people to see me like that. 

It took a while for me to understand that you can't be in business without selling. And profit isn't a bad thing. 

It's still there though. The feeling of guilt unless I go above and beyond with the products and service I give to others. 

Can you be good at business and still be kind?

Do you need a small dose of selfish to be a sharp and successful business owner?

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    @keni People are lambasting Apple for announcing a $999 monitor stand. A fair amount of criticism was also leveled at the gold edition of the Apple Watch. The market spoke on the second one. They are not selling gold Apple watches anymore. I would imagine some customers will buy the monitor stand, and Apple is betting that there will be enough customers to make a profit. For your question the phrase "conscious capitalism" comes to mind. As long as an entrepreneur is not consumed by greed, I think it's possible to make a fair profit, be kind, and add value to the world while earning enough to be comfortable.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 08, 2019 16:29:04
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      @brandonwilson - True... I want problem solvers to be acknowledged as such even if they get monitory benefit from their work. I have been working so hard these last couple of years - I should be ok to make money for a change.

      Keni avatar Keni | Jun 10, 2019 15:56:25
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    @keni - great ponderances. ( new word? ) -- Pricing is interesting. How much should something cost? If I can charge you $5 for a bottle of water on a plane -- while you choke without it, should I?

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 08, 2019 15:53:52
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      @brianball - Yes demand and supply are big factors in pricing.... but unethical if it exceeds some arbitrary amount or in certain fields like medicine. I think emotions usually drive price in either direction. Complex topic I guess.

      Keni avatar Keni | Jun 10, 2019 15:54:59
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      @keni -- definitely complex. Imagine Boxing or MMA fighting. You want your fighter to win. To be considered a winner, they have to kick everybody else's ass. Literally.

      If you want your laptop provider to be the best in the world, they have to be able to beat out their competition to attract customers to market etc. etc.

      Sure, it comes off as greedy when somebody sees an opportunity to buy the rights to a drug and then charge 10,000x the previous price. But, that's more of a loophole in the patent system - a system failure.

      Systems - interacting systems ( they all are ) are complex for sure.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 10, 2019 13:23:39
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