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Jan 21, 2019 12:21:30

Separate but Human

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Brian Ball

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What drives people to live seemingly different lives on the outside, but still have the same basic requirements we all have?

Some people are driven to achieve. They plot and scheme and work and train. They compete and win. They may become famous. Then, scandal strikes. It turns out they were cheating. Why?

So many marriages end in divorce. Upwards of 50%. If you thought you were 50% likely to lose all the words you're typing into a web site, would you risk it? And yet... we do things with a high probability of failure all the time.

A marriage doesn't have to last forever to be successful. Maybe you love each other, make some babies, raise great kids and then move on. Maybe there's fighting maybe not. Maybe even the fighting and the name calling eventually just mellows into basic human understanding. We're all sorta competent and sorta not. Sorta.

Companies are looking to hire people to fulfill a role. They want somebody competent. They want somebody who can own the position and turn it into something valuable; valuable for the company and for all involved. More than one in five new hires doesn't work out. These are expensive mistakes. And yet, we still must make them.

If we could plot a failure-free course, would we? Walking around the block is low risk, it's also low reward. You might not even get much exercise for a single lap. As humans, our brains are seeking some novelty. We don't need or want it at all times, but we need it regularly. We need to be surprised and entertained. We need to experience difficulty and overcome. Once we start to be able to predict what's coming, we seek change. We also resist change when the timing is off. We're all human, but we're all different enough to know we're the same. 

As a human, have you written your random thoughts today?

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    @brianball "Walking around the block is low risk, it's also low reward."
    This is all relative on where you live.
    I've lived in cities where making it around the block in one piece was both a reward and a relief.
    Everyone needs that addictive dopamine rush.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Jan 21, 2019 02:04:53
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