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Mar 25, 2019 07:33:49

Self valuation

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Janne Koponen

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Your salary doesn't define your value. But it sure can affect how your perceive your self-worth. I don't want to compare based on their income between different professions and industries but within an industry, working in the same role the salary kinda is the ranking factor.

Year's ago I didn't earn anywhere near as much like today, even working at the senior positions. I had all the respect and admiration from my colleagues and superiors. I had all the benefits and a great place to work. But still, looking outside, the general picture I was undervalued. Others in the same position were paid a lot more.

Back then I brought this thing up with my boss and, well I still work there. But as this industry is one of the fastest growing in history and I also think of myself as a forward-moving kind I'm starting to feel I'm once again at the same situation. I have fallen behind my peers working elsewhere at the same level. I could get a better-paid position with fewer responsibilities elsewhere.

There definitely is no shortage of offers. I get them all the time without even asking. But I don't want to leave just because of money.

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