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Jun 20, 2019 23:45:05

Self Evaluation: Step 1

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Craig Petterson

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I'm at a stage where I need to evaluate what I want to do. I often overload myself with new tasks, new mental barriers and I end up fatiguing myself. As I mentioned in a previous post, I need to step back and evaluate my goals. Unfortunately, I don't feel like I'm in the right mental headspace to do that right now. I need a few days to unwind… but it's always tomorrow.

I know it needs to happen and it will relieve a heavy burden, so I'm going to stick to the 'Get It Done Now' side of @jacklyons' latest post, but move the details down the road into the 'Get It Done Later' side…

I had a couple of 2019 goals that I'd love to keep:

  • Grow my Twitter audience to just 50 followers. (Check)
  • 4 sides projects released into the wild.
  • 3 vacations into new countries.
  • Make money on the internet.

We're 6 months in.

I've add 40 followers to my following. I'm currently at 65.

I've started 1 project, The Cake Pays, but not really implemented any useful feature. I spent a lot of time tweaking designs and updating copy. I was really enjoying it at the time, so I don't feel like it was wasted. I think these projects will be the key to making money on the internet - unless anyone wants to buy me a coffee?

I've been to Majorca. I started my 200WAD journey the day before I travelled and have maintained my streak since. We've booked Krakow for September and think we will go to a Christmas Market in early December.

My 2019 goals aside, I need to think about other factors in my life and that's where I'm struggling to come to grips with things.

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    @craigpetterson wow you're taking on a LOT there man, I definitely understand you needing time to unwind and figure it out. 4 side projects is a lot and that could be a cause for burn out or anxiety if you don't reach your goal. If you ever wanna talk code and ideas, I'd be happy to chat :)

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | Jun 20, 2019 20:41:18
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      @jacklyons hmm, this is step one! I have more planned! Do you think I've taken on too much?

      If you've got some ideas that needs more input then lets start something - would be awesome to build something with a 200WAD member! I checked out your profile - your a front end dev, I'm more of a back end dev, sounds like a wicked combo to me ;)

      Craig Petterson avatar Craig Petterson | Jun 23, 2019 19:31:42
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