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Dec 07, 2018 10:34:51


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The first 1 or 2 hours of the day I try to devote to myself.

I'm a morning person, but this doesn't matter. It could be any time of the day. This is sort of my perfect day:

If I'm still a little tired or it's dark outside I like to just lie and dream. I'm not sure if this is lucid dreaming, but I have a certain control of what my mind is showing me. I'm sometimes visualising the day or what I want to work on. 

Then I do the Wim hof breathing techniques. 5 rounds of 30 breath's, holding your last breath after you expelled the 30th. And after the 5th round, I do them with pushups. 

I proceed to get a cold shower. By this time I'm so awake and energised. Sometimes I do a breathing round under the cold shower, though I fainted once, be aware!

Then I do a small workout, including stretches. 

By now almost an hour has gone by.

I either get my breakfast or I go straight to my computer. 

I try to avoid social media, although Twitter is almost always the first thing I automatically type in the browser 😂 


After closing the Twitter tab I do my 200 words a day.

I try to read a bit.

Now I start with my responsibilities. 

Work, personal project or learning something new. 

After I've taken care of myself.

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