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May 22, 2019 20:21:52


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Raining ... a lot of rain. Crazy weather right?!.. So dark outside and the mood is getting dark too ... Just kidding all good haha.

The soccer game again. I am trying to write this post in the half break. So not much time left. 

I try to schedule my work on side projects. So far three days per week I focus on realising new content for my projects. I plan to do more of course but still wanna keep some plan. It helps you to be organized. 

Sure I wanna have just main focus. To pick just one project and go all in. I think its the only right way. I am not really sure if the "makers" way and ship everything like crazy its really the best. I think you really get overwhelmed. Better do less but execute better. 

You can see it on the Product hunt there are many amazing projects but the same amount of the bad ones. I understand the idea to not overthink the execution but it takes so much of your time ...  how can just the only maker handle this ... 

it is so much pressure .. I think the community should be a little stricter with the judging and actually saying the honest feedback (even the bad one) ... it would help to filter the really bad projects ... but it is just my opinion :).


Stay with me. Efran. 

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