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Jan 14, 2019 05:31:57

Saving up

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Victoria Maung

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On a spectrum of spendthrift to frugal, we all fall on different places. 

I know young couples that sacrifice vacations, time together, and outings, so they can save for paying off loans, insurance, mortgage, and other expenditures. They prefer to live on the safe, conservative side to minimize financial risk, and I respect that, especially in this social media fomo age.

Others–most–I know spend significantly more than they put away. These are spent on luxuries as small as daily Starbucks to regular trips to Thailand and Japan. 

I presently spend more than I earn (as a student living on the financial immunity of hard-working parents), and I'm finding it difficult to make the necessary sacrifices to get as far into the green as I want, especially with my meager student income. Maybe I spend too much time chasing value and discounts instead of restructuring things from the big picture.

Lifestyle inflation definitely hit me hard. When I started to generate my own full-time income in the past, it was easy to rationalize weekend skiing trips and fancy dinners, especially when I'm with a partner that also enjoys those experiences. 

Further complicating the issue: as much as I appreciate the memory of travels and privileges, I understand how there might be a reverse correlation between frugality and sociability.  When I am a solo sojourner, I find it easy to achieve my goals. When aiming for those goals with others, it is a bit of an uncomfortable experience. 

Hm, time to re-align my daily life around who I want to be!

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