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Jan 05, 2019 23:56:47

Saturday 👨‍💻

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Luis Barragan

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Today is Saturday and I think this is the 4 day I have written on here. Nothing major going on for me today. 

I had previously mentioned that I am working on an app that I was going to release later this month. Well, I jumped the gun and released the app early. 😬

 I was surprised when I saw that it already has been downloaded 7 times. It's really not a lot but I am excited for just having 7. Honestly, that's 7 more then I thought I would have this early.  

Ver 1.0

So the app itself is called Easy Sight Words and is an app for kids to learn their basic words that they usually should know by the time they start school. The app is for kids in Pre-Kindergarten and up to the 3rd Grade. 

Ver 1.1

I submitted version 1.1 of my app yesterday but got an email this morning saying it was rejected. I accidentally put the app screenshots under the wrong device and it had an audio issue that also caused it to be rejected. Learned from that mistake so I already corrected the screenshot issue but now I am waiting on getting the audio issue fixed. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I can resubmit to Apple. 

Be Back Tomorrow.  ✌️

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    @luisbarragan good luck!! Proud of ye peeps who can launch products! I want to learn to do this.

    nottelling avatar nottelling | Jan 06, 2019 00:11:02
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      @nottelling Thanks! I am definitely learning. I had some help with this but am trying to learn how to develop on my own.

      Luis Barragan avatar Luis Barragan | Jan 06, 2019 00:55:07
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