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Jan 27, 2019 23:17:59

Running up that hill

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Daniel Lucas

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I had begun trolling the design jobs for good google board some months before, right around the time I uprooted myself from the comforts of my one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, the routine of my chinatown studio where I designed and developed websites with my business partner - a relationship that had rotted into dysfunction - and the responsibilities of having a rambunctious feline astutely named Nibbler due to her propensity for nibbling on your toes in the middle of the night. 

I studiously examined descriptions of positions, technological requirements, attitudes and mission statements with an imaginatively critical eye, aware that an adjusted life could be recaptured in Los Angeles and cognizant of a, still fuzzy, longer term trajectory whose direction I was determined to move towards, if I were to move at all - as I knew this to be the only outcome remotely able to acknowledge (and act as penance towards) the pain of having to find a new home (no matter how incredible - eternal thanks to Jess & Elias) for the succulent, corpulent, ball of fur whose breathing lulled me to sleep during the darkest nights inside The Valley of Ruts I had found myself trapped under - within.

I compiled new notes on my self, my practice, my work experience, seeking daily to refine my language into an ever more accurate representation of the decade of experience I'd amassed working for clients of all shapes and sizes, in all manner of industries, not to mention the soft skills of owning your own business, dealing with admin, client relations, which invariably induced a dizzying sense of nostalgia and dread that it would be impossible to compress such a broad spectrum of thought into a one page resume, a 3 paragraph cover letter or even a 15-minute skype interview - a dread that I was becoming sisyphus.

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