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Dec 15, 2018 18:04:11

Rules are meant to be broken

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Gene Lim

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Citizens of their country obeys the law set by their government. Student of the school follows the requirements given by their teachers. Children follow their parents instruction. All this rules are created for a reason. To balance the society, provide peace, create a standard, and maintain safeness. 

There are this saying that the"rules are meant to be broken". What do they meant by this? If the rules are meant to be broken, how can we balance our society? How can we provide comfort to people? Trust will be broken and there will be chaos everywhere. Isn't this is one of the reason why the rules are created in the first place?

There are people with authorities who  can bypass this rules. For an example, the ambulance can bypass traffic laws to get their patience to the emergency room. This doesn't mean the normal drivers are allowed to do this. If a husband would want to drive their pregnant wife to the nearest hospital, he still has to abide by the traffic law. Going against it has the tendency of driving recklessly and may cause trouble towards other drivers.

The rules are there as a guideline for us. In the end, it is a choice for every individual to follow or not to follow the rules but it is best to always follow the rules, especially for one's safety.

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