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Apr 12, 2019 01:00:03

Rubik's Cubing - Daisy to White Cross

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Brian Ball

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To get good at programming, you need to be able to think. To solve a Rubik's Cube - in this day and age, you don't need to think from scratch, you can get help. The same is probably true with most things in life.

For example. if you need to program a loop in code, you can think of repeating a task.

"Fill this box of chocolates by putting a piece in each hole. Once the holes are filled, pass the box to the next person."

You get 12 chocolates coming down a conveyor belt and pick them up and place them one by one into a box and it's hole. With time, you'd get fast. Repetition of things makes us fast.

With a cube, the trick is to remember some formulas; recipes; algorithms.

Here's a beginner recipe I remembered recently:

First, make a 'daisy' - imagine a yellow center with white petals.

So, face the cube with the yellow center up. Then, get the white edges ( the pieces between the corners ) up to the top.

It could have been done first, but it can be done now. Let's understand the cube.

The cube has six sides. Each side has nine pieces. The center is fixed but each of six sides has four edges and four corners.

Each side can rotate.

The cube I have has a yellow center opposite the white center. The sides are green, blue, orange and red.

If you get the daisy pattern mentioned above, it's okay if some of the corners are also white. That's not important.

First requirement: Daisy ( yellow center surrounded by white edges ( corners don't matter at this step ))

Once you have the daisy, you'll get the white cross ( white center + white sides )

With the yellow facing up, rotate the top face until the white / red piece is over the red center.

Then, rotate the face with that white edge as it's top / center 180 degrees until the white / red rotates around the red center and is now facing down.

Repeat this step for each color:

Rotate the yellow-center face until white-blue is over the blue center.

Rotate the white-blue around the blue center 180 degrees.

Repeat with green.

Repeat with red.

Repeat with orange.

Now, flip the cube white-center up. You now, at least, should have the white cross.

Another day, I'll teach you some algorithms.

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